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  • BASH - Script to verify if a user or mailbox exists on a mailserver

    This small script connects to a mailservice and executes the VRFY command to verify if a user in the provided userlist exists on the mail server.
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  • Testing your Mail Server

    Testing your Mail Server

    Telnet to your smtp server using the following:
    "telnet 25". The number "25" is the default portnumber for outging mail, defined by IANA.
    Substitute the address with your own address or ip number.
    Even though this might very well be possible to do on your ISP mail server, dont!!
    This will give you the SMTP server banner. I hope this has been changed or spoofed to protect from banner grabbing.
    In my example, it gives me "220
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  • Resheph
    started a topic Enumeration - SMTP

    Enumeration - SMTP

    One way of gathering information from a target is through the use of SMTP. This protocol is designed to send e-mail messages between mail servers, but...
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