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  • Physical Security - Walls, Ceilings & Floors

    When accessing physical security, the construction and composition of walls have to be taken into account. Walls protecting critical infrastructure should be sturdy and provide an effective barrier as well as a strong point for anchoring doors. An often overlooked situation is when walls are constructed as false walls and these walls may not extend up beyond the ceiling. This becomes an issue if also false ceilings are in place meaning the wall only goes up to a drop ceiling and does not extend the full height to the roof of the building. In this case an intruder may just lift up part of the drop ceiling and climb over the wall and gain access to an otherwise restricted area. In addition, any ceiling mounted air ducts should be too small to allow an intruder from crawling through them. Another area to remember is the floor. In some locations the floor is raised to make room for wiring, pipes and other part of the building but this may create issues similar to the drop ceiling as it may present a way for an intruder to access restricted areas. As with the drop ceiling, a raised floor is also a prime target for rogue devices and listening devices.
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