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  • Physical Security - Windows

    Depending on the placement, size and use of windows, anything from tinted or shatterproof windows may be required to protect the building from unauthorized access.

    Some window types include
    • Standard - This provide the lowest level of protection and is easily shattered but it is cheap.
    • Polycarbonate - This is much stronger than standard glass and offer superior protection.
    • Wire Reinforced - This type of windows adds shatterproof protection and makes it harder to break the glass.
    • Laminated - This provide the same features as a car would use. A laminate is added between layers of glass to increase strength and decrease shatter potential.
    • Solar Film - This type of glass provides a moderate level of protection and decreases shatter potential.
    • Security Film - This type uses a kind of transparent film to increase strength of the glass.

    When securing windows the frame also has to be taken into consideration. In some cases, access can be gained just by removing the glass without breaking it. In other cases the intruder may drill a hole in the window frame and try to tamper with the window handle using a strew driver.
    Certified Security Geek