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Physical Security - Doors And Mantraps

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  • Physical Security - Doors And Mantraps

    The majority of exterior doors have a focus on physical security unlike most doors inside the building that is neither designed nor placed with security in mind. Often internal doors can be pushed or kicked in with very little effort. Doors that grant or deny access to a wireing closet, server room or similar should be secure doors. Some organizations benefit from dividing the building into zones in which each zone is designated a certain security level.

    Different doors exist and include the following
    • Industrial doors
    • Vehicle access doors
    • Bulletproof doors
    • Vault doors

    A high quality door is not secure alone. The frame that holds the door must be of equal quality likewise the hinges, the lock and any other part that comes in play. If a locksmith is to open a door with a very secure lock he may decide to attack the weakest point by just removing the pin from the knuckle and lift off the door instead of attacking the lock.

    Mantraps provide another valuable form of security in replacement for a door as it provides only space enough to let one person pass at a time. A mantrap exists in many shapes and forms but is often designed as two or more revolving doors. When an individual enters the mantrap and passes the first door, the door closes and the occupant is required to enter a code, swipe an access card or pass visual screening etc. Only when the identity of the occupant has been recognized and verified they are allowed to pass the second door and enter the secure area through the other door. If the occupant can not be verified he is allowed to exit only through the from which he entered or may be locked in until security staff can investigate. This kind of system does not only increase physical security but also makes attacks such as tailgating impractical or impossible. Some mantraps offer capabilities such as biometrics including, retina scanners, hand print scanners and others. When implementing a mantrap, keep in mind if the organization has physically challenged employees. A mantrap is also referred to as a portal.
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