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Posing as an Important User

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  • Posing as an Important User

    An attacker may attempt a social engineering attack by posing by an important user while on the phone with the victim. The attacker will likely use intimidation and threats that may have consequences for the victim user. The attacker may ask the victim for confidential information and if the user will not deliver the requested information the attacker may amplify the attack by threatening the user with being fired. This will require the attacker to present himself as a very important user such as a CTO, VP or similar. Another angle could be that the attacker poses as someone asking for confidential information requested by the CEO. If the victim declines to hand over the information, the attacker will ask the victim to; "tell the CEO yourself, that you would not hand over the information the CEO urgently needs for a meeting in five minutes".
    Certified Security Geek