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  • Steganography

    Steganography is a technique for hiding information such as messages in ordinary files. Often these messages are hidden in various image files but information can also be hidden i ordinary text files. These files can then be transported or by other means delivered to the recipient who can then extract the hidden information. Often a password is provided when the information is hidden and the same password is needed to extract the information. Hiding information in, say, text files does not visibly affect the text file and the file can be open and read without revealing the hidden message. Images used for hiding information can also be viewed and there are usually no visible signs of it containing a concealed message.

    Some types of steganography includes
    • Image Steganography
    • Document Steganography
    • Folder Steganography
    • Video Steganography
    • Audio Steganography
    • White Space Steganography
    • Web Steganography
    • Spam/email Steganography
    • DVD Steganography
    • Natural Text Steganography
    • Hidden OS Steganography
    • C++ Source Code Steganography

    Some tools for hiding information using steganography also support encryption to protect the information in case someone discovers the hidden information.
    Certified Security Geek