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Session Hijacking - Active and Passive Attacks

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  • Session Hijacking - Active and Passive Attacks

    Session hijacking attacks can be categorized into active and passive attacks.

    Active Session Hijacking
    A session hijacking attack can be considered active when the attacker assumes the session as their own, thereby taking over the legitimate users connection to the resource. In an active attack the attacker is actively manipulating and/or severing the client connection and fooling the server into thinking the attacker is the authenticated user. Active session hijacking attacks usually involve a DoS attack on the legitimate user to prevent the legitimate user from reacting.

    Passive Session Hijacking
    A passive session hijacking attack focuses on monitoring the traffic between the victim and the server. This type of attack uses a sniffer to capture and monitor the traffic as it goes across the wire. A passive attack does not affect the session in any way and may just be preparation for future attacks. An attacker has a strategically advantageous position during a passive attack as the attacker ca capture and analyze all the victim traffic, and progress to an active attack at a later time.
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