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  • Keyloggers

    Software in this category is designed to capture and report activity in the form of keyboard usage. When a keylogger is in place on the target system, it gives the attacking party the ability to monitor all activity on a system and automatically reports back to the attacking party. Under the right conditions, this software can capture passwords, confidential information and most other kinds of data that has been typed in on the keyboard.
    Keyloggers exists both as hardware keyloggers and software keyloggers.

    Some keystroke loggers include...

    IKS Software Keylogger
    This is a Windows based keylogger that runs in the background on the target system. Due to the way this software is designed, it is very hard to detect using most conventional means. It has been designed to run at such a low level that it does not show up in process lists or through normal detection methods.

    Ghost Keylogger
    This Windows based keylogger is designed to run silently in the background on the target system. It has the ability to store any logged information in an encrypted file that in turn can be e-mailed to the attacking party.

    Spector Pro
    This tool is designed to capture keystroke activity, e-mail passwords, chat conversations and logs, and instant messages.

    This tool is designed to capture usernames and passwords from a Windows system. It intercepts the communication between the Winlogon process and the logon GUI.
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