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  • Trojans - Construction Kits

    As for viruses and worms, several construction kits exists that allow for the rapid construction and deployment of trojans. The availability of these kits has made designing and deploying malware easier than ever.

    Some construction kits are listed below...

    Trojan construction kit
    This tool is relatively easy to use and at the same time a very destructive tool. This tool is command-line based, which may make it a little harder to use, but is nonetheless very capable in the right hands.
    With very little effort, it is possible to build a trojan that has the ability to engage in very destructive behavior such as destroying partition tables, master boot records (MBRs), and hard drives.

    Senna Spy
    This creation kit provides custom options, such as file transfers, executing DOS commands, keyboard control, and list and control processes.

    Stealth tool
    This tool does not by itself create trojans but rather assisting them in hiding. This tool has the ability to alter the target file by moving bytes, changing headers, splitting files, and combining files.
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