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Scanning Networks - Drawing Network Diagrams

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  • Scanning Networks - Drawing Network Diagrams

    Once you have ascertained the network structure and have figured out what live hosts, IP addresses and services are in place, you can then start mapping the network. This phase is designed to assist you to fully visualize the network environment and start getting a clearer picture of what the network looks like. This will in turn help you see the task at hand clearly and identify vulnerabilities, design flaws and deficiencies that can be exploited.
    One important thing to keep in mind is to never assume that everything will show up in the picture of the target organization that you are building. Due to filtering of routers and firewalls, it is possible that some scans may fail or return results that the scanner itself does not understand.
    Network mappers combine scanning and sweeping techniques to build a complete picture of the target network. The downside is that tools in this category are very noisy and can easily reveal the presence of the penetration tester on the network due to the traffic these tools generate.

    One such tool could be LANState Pro.
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