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The Footprinting Process - Network Information

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  • The Footprinting Process - Network Information

    In footprinting an important step is to gain information where possible, about a target network. Fortunately there are plenty of tools available for this purpose, many of which you may already be familiar with.

    This utility helps you gain information about a domain, including ownership information, IP address information, netblock data, and other information where available. This utility is freely available online as a web service and sometimes as an executable in Unix and Linux.

    This tool is designed to follow the path of traffic from one point to another, including intermediate points in between. This utility provides information on the relative performance and latency between hops. Such information can be useful if a specific victim is targeted because it may reveal network information such as server names and related details such as traffic passing a firewall. This tool is freely available for most operating systems either as tracert or traceroute.
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