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The Footprinting Process - Location and Geography

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  • The Footprinting Process - Location and Geography

    Not to be overlooked or underestimated in value is any information pertaining to the physical location of offices and personnel. You should seek this information during the footprinting process because it can yield other key details that you may find useful in later stages, including physical penetrations. Also, knowing the physical location can be an aid in dumpster diving, shich may in turn, be beneficial in social engineering attacks.
    Tools to aid you in this step of the process includes Google Earth, Google Maps, Webcams and People Searches.
    Many websites offer information of public record that can be easily accessed by those willing to search for it. It is not uncommon to come across details such as phone numbers, home addresses, email addresses and other information depending on the website being searched. Some really great examples of people search utilities are Spokeo, ZabaSearch, Wink and Intelius.
    Certified Security Geek