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Questions to Ask the Client

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  • Questions to Ask the Client

    Prior to executing a penetration test, seek your client's guidance and agree on the following questions along with any others that you might think are relative.

    Questions to Ask the Client
    • Why did the client request a penetration test?
    • What is the function or mission of the organization to be tested?
    • What will be the constraints or rules of engagement for the test?
    • What data and services will be included as part of the test?
    • Who is the data owner?
    • What results are expected at the conclusion of the test?
    • What will be done with the results when presented?
    • What is the budget?
    • What are the expected costs?
    • What resources will be made available?
    • What actions will be allowed as part of the test?
    • When will the tests be performed?
    • Will insiders be notified?
    • Will the test be performed as black or white box?
    • What conditions will determine the success of the test?
    • Who will be the emergency contacts?

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