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Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing

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  • Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing

    You must have explicit permission in writing from the company being testet prior to starting any activity. Legally, the person or persons that must apprive this activity or changes to the plan must be the owner of the company or their authorized representative. If the scope changes, update the contracts to reflect those changes before performing the new tasks.

    You will use the same tactics and stategies as malicious attackers.

    You have every potential to cause harm that a malicious attack will have and should always consider the effects of every action you carry out.

    You must have knowledge of the target and the weaknesses it possesses.

    You must have clearly defined rules of engagement prior to beginning your assigned job.

    You must never reveal any information pertaining to a client to anyone but the client.

    If the client asks you to stop a test, do so imeediately.

    You must provide a report of your results and, if asked, a brief on any deficiencies found during a test.

    You may be asked to work with the client to fix any problems that you find.
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