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Attackers - White-Hat Hackers

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  • Attackers - White-Hat Hackers

    These hackers think like the attacking party but work for the good guys as pen testers. They are typically characterized by having what is commonly considered to be a code of ethics that says essentially they will cause no harm. This group is also known as ethical hackers or pen testers and are individuals professing hacker skills and using them for defensive purposes and are also known as security analysts. They have permission to perform their tasks. White-hats never share information about a client with anyone other than that client.
    Ethical hackers engage in sanctioned hacking - that is, hacking with permission from the system's owner. In the world of ethical hacking, most tend to use the term pen tester, which is short for penetration tester. Pen testers do simply that: penetrate systems like a hacker, but for the benign purposes.
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