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  • Threats

    A threat is an agent, condition or circumstance that potentially cause harm, loss, damage or compromise to assets. This includes destruction, disclosure, modification, corruption or DoS attacks.
    • Unauthorized access.
    • Stolen, lost, damaged, modified data
    • Disclosure of confidential information
    • Hacker attacks
    • Cyber terrorism
    • Viruses and Malware
    • Denial of Service
    • Natural Disasters, weather or catastrophic damage like hurricanes, fire, flood or earthquakes.

    This is considered to be a potential violation of security. Some information security threat categories include:

    Network Threats
    • Information gathering
    • Sniffing and eavesdropping
    • Spoofing
    • Session hijacking and Man-in-the-Middle attacks
    • DNS and ARP poisoning
    • Password-based attacks
    • Denial-of-Service attacks
    • Compromised-key attacks
    • Firewall and IDS attacks

    Host Threats
    • Malware attacks
    • Footprinting
    • Password attacks
    • Denial-of-Service attacks
    • Arbitrary code execution
    • Unauthorized access
    • Privilege escalation
    • Backdoors
    • Physical security threats

    Application Threats
    • Improper input validation
    • Authentication and authorization attacks
    • Security misconfiguration
    • Information disclosure
    • Broken session management
    • Buffer overflow issues
    • Cryptography attacks
    • SQL injection
    • Improper error-handling and exception management

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