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Hacking Methodology Phase 3: Enumeration

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  • Hacking Methodology Phase 3: Enumeration

    The last phase before you attempt to gain access to a system, is the enumeration phase. Enumeration is the systematic probing of a target with the goal of obtaining user lists, routing tables, and protocols from the system. This phase represents a significant shift in your process; it is the initial transition from being on the outside looking in, to moving to the inside of the system to gather data. Information such as shares, users, groups, applications, protocols, and banners all proved useful in getting to know your target, and this information is now carried forward into the attack phase.

    The information gathered during phase 3 typically includes, but is not limited to
    • Usernames
    • Group information
    • Passwords
    • Hidden shares
    • Device information
    • Network layout
    • Protocol information
    • Server data
    • Service information

    This was written from CEHv8 material but the process applies to the process and concepts for most any CEH version.
    Certified Security Geek