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  • Hacking Methodology

    A hacking methodology refers to the step-by-step approach used by an aggressor to attack a target such as a computer network. There is no specific step-by-step approach used by all hackers. As can be expected when a group operates outside the rules as hackers do, rules do not apply the same way. A major difference between a hacker and an ethical hacker is the code of ethics to which each subscribes.

    The typical hacking process for CEHv8
    • Footprinting
    • Scanning
    • Enumeration
    • System Hacking
    • Escalation of Privilege
    • Covering Tracks
    • Planting Backdoors

    The typical hacking process for CEHv9
    • Reconnaissance
    • Scanning
    • Gaining Access
    • Maintaining Access
    • Clearing Tracks

    I did not include the CEHv6 methodology as it is mostly obsolete and ECC seems to have a hard time deciding what wording to use for the same process. Basically, the process is the same and what is being accomplished in summary has the same goal. The order and terms are likely to change again in future version of the CEH certification.
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