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Official PosteXplo Challenge ruleset

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  • Official PosteXplo Challenge ruleset

    In order to participate in the official PosteXplo challenges below rules must be followed.
    • To get credit for solving a challenge you must be a registered user and may not be banned.
    • To receive a price you have to have at least 5 decent technical posts in this forum. Chat and small talk does not count.
    • To receive a price a valid email address must be provided and preferably the one used to register at PosteXplo.
    • For receiving prices for more than one challenge the same email must be used.
    • Only one price can be collected per user per challenge.
    • The solution must be provided to Resheph through the forum messaging system.
    It is allowed to discuss the challenge with other users, preferably in the challenge thread, as long as no solutions are given.
    Those that has solved the challenge will be credited in the original post unless the user opts out.
    The price will usually be an Amazon eGift Card or similar and will be given to the first 3 users that solves the challenge.
    Of course other users are allowed to make challenges and for those, the creator decides the rules as long as they do no conflict with the forum rules.
    Any challenge still available and valid can be solved at any given moment. They do not necessarily expire.
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