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Tech giants that still do business in Russia - List Of Shame

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  • Tech giants that still do business in Russia - List Of Shame

    At time of writing some tech giants still do business in Russia and are there by indirectly feeding the war machine with cash so that Russian military can keep killing pregnant women, children, the elderly and any other civillians in Ukraine.

    It does cost quite a sum of money for most business to withdraw from Russia, but the business impact of supporting Russia during the invasion of Ukraine may be even larger after the war.

    Ask yourself - Would you do business with someone that does not condone the killing of numorus innocent people?

    This will not just be forgotten after the war. These businesses will have their name tainted for years to come. Disgusting.
    Doing business in Russia during the war clearly shows that money is more important than any amount of human lives. What is the value of a child - blown to pieces while the mother watches? A new boat? A fancy car? A pizza at the local joint? You tell me!

    For a list of businesses on the "List of Shame", see the regularly updated list done by Yale.

    The list currently includes the following with grade F (The worst score you can have) at time of writing.
    - Acer (still operating in Russia with significant market share)
    - Asus (citing conditions for effective standstill in Russian operations without actually suspending operations)
    - Cloudflare (continue sales & services in Russia)
    - Huawei (still operating in Russia as leading telecom-equipment vendor in Russia)
    - Lenovo (still operating in Russia)
    - MSI (still operating in Russia with significant market share)
    - Xiaomi (still operating in Russia as Forum in phone sales in Russia)

    This is fucking disgusting! There is no other way to put it.
    Certified Security Geek