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What Is This Forum About?

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  • What Is This Forum About?

    This forum is an attempt to gather experts and expertise in various areas related to security, for information sharing and skill improvement.
    Also it should be seen as a small library-like forum, containing information from high standard sources to maintain a high quality throughout the forum. Users are urged to point out mistakes in documents and posts.
    If you are looking to find information about what things like DNS, IP addresses are, you are at the wrong place. It is expected that you have passed that level a long time ago.
    Real World experience is important so the average age might put most people past the teens.

    It is also, at least for the most part, an Invite Only forum. Users can recommend people they know that has a reasonable skillset and the ability to contribute to the forum.

    For donations you can use one of these:
    Ethereum: 0x98FCDEb26c54C0dC7236832f282c52649cEb494a
    Litecoin: LWXJvaMCZYr9DnUqmvCN8qWLppDJWSQtLj
    Bitcoin: 1AdPyHEqNcDFySj9fVYzqGvYKGULigsJ7b
    Certified Security Geek