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  • Rules

    • Stay on topic.
    • Make sure a question has not already been posted, before you post it.
    • Post in the correct forum.
    • Make both the topic and the content descriptive when posting.
    • Post constructive criticism.
    • Keep the credits in the code if you post code you did not author.
    • Use the Blog and Article sections for all personal posts that best fit there.
    • Reuse the structure and layout of existing posts when posting.
    • Keep all public writings and posts in english.
    • Stay with the forum theme. Only technical & security related topics.

    DO NOT
    • Post personally identifiable information i.e. name, address, email, phone number, etc.
    • Post content from private messages without permission from all parties.
    • Post anything related to porn, or anything else not safe for work.
    • Post anything that is considered piracy, warez, leaked content etc. Discussing it is allowed.
    • Post copyrighted material. This includes music in video material.
    • Post spam.
    • Re-post deleted, closed or modified posts.
    • Post links to phishing sites or malware without making it clearly visible and have a reason to do so.
    • Share content from this site without the permission to do so, first.
    • Post just to post. Make sure it has some actual content.
    • Post in all upper case.
    • Post threats of violence or harassment. Not even as a joke.
    • Post insulting content to other members.
    • Post anything racist or discriminating.
    • Post anything regarding religion or politics.
    • Abuse or encourage abuse of the Post Reporting or Private Messaging Systems.
    • Share your account with others.
    • Make more than one account.
    • Name your user so that it appears as if it is an administrator, moderator or similar account.
    • Name your user to be a domain, product or similar, you want to advertise.
    • Use this site to advertise or sell stuff without permission from the site owner.
    • Try to hack any members or this site itself.
    • Bump old posts if you have nothing new to add.
    • Blindly trust other users.
    • Use this site to increase back-links on other sites. PosteXplo is not your SEO partner.

    If you decide to share personal information with one or more users in this forum, it is at your own risk. And please do so in a private and secure manner only.

    If you see a user breaking any of these rules, please report it.
    Breaking any rules could lead to a permanent ban.
    Moderators has the right to edit or delete posts or threads if needed.

    If asked, any information requested by law enforcement will be handed over.
    We do require that requests be accompanied by the appropriate legal documents such as a subpoena or search warrant. I don't control the server.
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