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    https://www.cloudflare[.]com/ (0) Partly free - CloudFlare is still operating in Russia despite the invasion of Ukraine has been going on for more than a month hence supporting the Russian war machine, killing innocent civillians including pregnant women and children. CloudFlare is NOT recommended - what-so-ever! (?) Cloudbric is free for all websites up to 4GB traffic/month
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    Hi Resheph! Thanks for listing Cloudbric as one of the DDoS mitigation services you'd like fellow forum members to know about. We'd just like to clarify that while our services are free for some of our users, Cloudbric is "partly free" in a unique way different from Cloudflare or other similar services.

    We price our services based on monthly website traffic. Cloudbric is free for all websites up to 4GB traffic/month (:

    We have no tiers in our service and free users have the same access to all features, as do users at the highest price plan. This keeps Cloudbric affordable for businesses of any size!

    Right now we're having a promotion to celebrate the renewal of our website, come take a look at the massive price reductions:
    Take advantage of our pricing promotion. Use first, pay later! Start using Cloudbric for FREE and only pay when your monthly traffic exceeds 4GB.